The pitch:
The year 2020 is a path from one world to another and we all experienced it in our daily lives. A city like Paris, dynamic and noisy, fall asleep and then woke up to the rhythm of lockdowns. An athlete like Matthias too. Let's give a little life and dynamism to this sleepy city through a run by Matthias who will make us (re) discover all the most emblematic spots of this city in a different light: an empty night. 
We wanted to show Paris as we have never seen it through a run by Matthias. We played with day / night atmospheres and awoke Paris / aslept Paris to open and close this video.We also wanted to have a maximum of fluidity and dynamism throughout this video, which came, almost like an unbroken line, to underline an unrecognizable Paris.
Direction / DOP : Pierre Blondel for Red Bull France
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